Litigation Support

C2G’s professionals have an abundance of experience and knowledge in providing litigation support services and expert witness testimony. We are retained by clients, or their counsel, to provide assistance as consultants, analysts and as testifying experts during all phases of the litigation process.

Our litigation experience includes:

  • Calculation of Economic Damages
  • Calculation of Lost Profits
  • Claims Management
  • Data Organization, Storage, and Control
  • Deposition Assistance
  • Development of Damages and Financial Models
  • Demonstrative Graphics and Exhibits
  • Discovery Assistance
  • Document Management
  • Evaluation of Claim Pricing Methods and Damages Calculations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Expert Reports
  • Interrogatory Assistance
  • Interpretation of Financial, Accounting, and Other Business Records
  • Key Document and Issue File Set-up and Organization
  • Re-creation of Financial and Accounting Records
  • Reconciliation of Financial and Accounting records
  • Representation in Settlement Negotiations and Mediation
  • Review and Evaluation of Audits
  • Systemized Processes for Document Review and Analysis
  • Technical Issue Fact-finding and Analysis