Schedule Delay and Disruption Analysis

We are experienced with all Critical Path Method (CPM) schedule analysis methods used and accepted by the construction industry. The CPM schedule can be used to isolate the impact upon progress and completion for which the owner, general contractor, or subcontractors are responsible.

Methodologies Used:

  • As-Planned versus As-Built Critical Path Comparison
  • Fragnets
  • Identification of the As-Built Critical Path
  • Identification of the Contemporaneous Critical Path
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • “Windows” Analysis

By understanding the technical scheduling mechanics required for the proper use of these analytical methods, we know the conditions under which these methods provide reasonable and acceptable results. We also know how these methods can be used incorrectly and can identify unsupportable results.  We regularly assess schedule impacts caused by:

  • Acceleration
  • Contract Termination for Cause/Default
  • Contract Termination for Convenience
  • Delay
  • Disruption
  • Stand-by or Idle Time
  • Work Suspension