Cost Analyses and Damages Calculations

C2G regularly conducts data gathering, fact-finding, cost analyses, and damage calculations.  We understand how projects are funded, how pay requests are approved, how contractors keep their books, how to identify compensable cost overruns, and how to negotiate an equitable contract adjustment.  We are intimately familiar with and have testified on matters including:

  • Equipment Costs and Stand by Rates
  • Field Office Overhead
  • Home Office Overhead
  • Labor Rates and Burdens
  • Lost Productivity
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Material Procurement
  • Mark-ups and Pass Through Costs
  • Other General and Administrative Expenses
  • Salaries
  • Small Tools

Our clients find us cost effective due to our hands-on experience and in-depth understanding of construction cost accounting systems. This knowledge makes us efficient when analyzing complex cost issues and allows us to provide to our clients with unique and innovative approaches to quantifying delay and disruption-related cost growth.  We develop straightforward and easy to understand damages models and we are known to develop meaningful conclusions from complex cost data.

Our experience includes:

  • Evaluation of claim pricing methods
  • Evaluation and pricing of change orders
  • Calculation of discrete event damage and impact
  • Assessment of the cost impact of delay, disruption and acceleration
  • Assistance with the review and analysis of audit rights clauses within contractor and/or owner contract agreements
  • Evaluation of job cost reports, financial statements, budgets, bid documents, and time & material tickets
  • Assistance with the evaluation of betterments
  • Assistance with the evaluation of termination costs (amounts earned at the time of termination, amounts due, and costs to complete)